Tuesday, December 04, 2012

 Glittery Pastel Christmas
Oh my goodness, have I been having fun decorating for Christmas!  I have been dying and glittering trees. Am I the only one who finds that addicting?  I need to buy some more because I love how they look!  I'm still working on decorating, but I will show you what I have done so far
 This is a shelf in my kitchen. I love these adorable little glitter houses I found at Target this year! 
  They even have a white led light inside, but I forgot to turn them on for the photo.
 I bleached the trees, then painted white paint on them and then added some glitter. The glitter is not showing up in the photo, but in person they look so sparkly!
 I have shown you all this collage I made before, but it's my favorite so here it is again.  It is made with some favorite papers and a photo of my mama and her little brother in front of an igloo her daddy made her.
 And here are a few goodies I strung up on my old white door.  The adorable striped mittens and the aqua tinsel are from Target's dollar section.  I made the tag and the stars are paper mache ones that I painted and glittered.
Thank you for visiting today.  I'm off to do some more decorating and if I'm lucky, maybe some crafting, too!
Michelle xoxo


Blessed Serendipity said...

Hi Michelle,
I love your pastel sweet Christmas decorating. The little sparkly houses are adorable. I don't remember seeing them at my Target. They look vintage. Happy decorating!


Darlene said...

I love your glittery houses display. I haven't been to Target but wish I had these houses. take care, Darlene

Hearts Turned said...

Everything looks so beautiful, Michelle! My daughters and I were just glittering up some trees today, too--so much fun--and you're right, it IS addicting! We're looking for all kinds of other things we can cover with glitter!

Thanks so much for your visit today--I'm with you on the color thing--love both the red/green & the soft, vintage pastels--so I have them both all over the place! Just a fun, wonderful hodgepodge of Christmas!

Wishing you a wonderful first week of December!


Paula said...

Sweet Michelle! I love your gorgeous Christmas decorating! I am so glad you are having fun sweetie! You inspire me so much! Thank you for sharing where you found the house, the mittens and tinsel. I will be looking in Target this weekend! I don't know how I haven't seen those, but now I will be looking, thanks to you dearest! I love your garland and all the pretties you strung on it and the glittered houses and trees. Your collage is beautiful too! Love everything!!!! Love you!!! Paula xoxo

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Just discovered your blog... It is gorgeous. Love your pinterest too. I love the little bottle brush trees and all the pastels.


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Looks so pretty Michelle!
I haven't tried to do my own trees, yet!

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