Friday, December 31, 2010

Time for the year 2010 in review!
I've never done this on my blog before, but I've seen lots of you doing it and I think it's a fun idea. So here we go!

Favorite Thrift Store Finds:
I still can't believe I found this adorable and very clean recliner at Goodwill! I added the fabric to the seat to make it even cuter!Another great Goodwill find, this lovely brown and white transferware bowl! It's a perfect place to show off my vintage buttons and rhinestones!This sweet little cream pitcher was a fun thrift store find, too! Nothing big, but I love it!

Favorite Antique Mall Finds:I have been searching for an old door forever and I was so lucky to find this fabulous one in my very favorite color!I adore floral barkcloth fabric, so this was a very happy find! The colors are so cheerful! It will be perfect for my spring decorating!
This beautiful McCoy vase was a steal! All because of a barely noticeable repair.I adore this charming quilt! It has the prettiest colors and patterns!And other thing I'd been searching a long time for, white suitcases! They are such a cute little size, perfect for tabletop displays, closed for lifts or open to display my favorite treasures!
And this great vintage clock! They are such a fun thing to collect!

Favorite creation:This was an easy pick as my favorite because it's my only creation of 2010! I do love it, though! I'm hoping to find more time for creating in this new year because it's so fun and such a stress reliever.
I want to thank you all for leaving such kind and supportive comments here on my blog this year! And thank you all for the inspiration you share on your blogs! Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, filled with lots of time with family and friends, lots of fun hunting for vintage treasures and plenty of time for creating!!!
Michelle xoxo

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Presents for my mama...
These are the presents I sent to my sweet mama! She's so fun to shop for because she loves pretty vintage treasures as much as I do!
Don't you love this vintage cabinet card? I think this handsome fellow looks quite dapper in his suit and handlebar mustache! I can never pass up lovely mother of pearl buttons, especially on their original card! The lovely lace in the background is one of her presents, too. Some of the prettiest vintage millinery flowers I've ever found! I love the soft shade of pink and the white one has so many ruffled petals!
A gorgeous rhinestone crown pin. A girl can't have too many rhinestones or crowns!
And here are a couple of lovely gifts I received that I forgot to show you in the last post.
My dear mama sent me the sweet baby photo and this cute vintage clock is a present from my sweet husband!
Can you believe I'm already thinking about Valentines Day? I hoping to get some Valentines made soon!
Michelle xoxo

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dreamy Vintage Christmas presents!
Oh, yes, there is no doubt about it. I, my dears, am quite spoiled! Look at the amazing gifts I received for Christmas!
A gorgeous vintage hand mirror, sparkling earrings and hair clips and bracelets from my dear husband and sweet boys!
My sweet mama sent me this beautiful black velvet clutch with a luscious vintage pink rose! She also gave me this fabulous necklace with two crowns and these lovely magnets!Here's a little business card she got from a store called "Junk in the Trunk". She glittered it and added the cute headdress! She also sent me this pretty embroidered runner and a vintage hat covered in flowers. I can't wait to cut the flowers off so I can use them in my crafts!More pretty vintage linens.I love the patterns and colors on the vintage tablecloth!Lovely vintage photos.And a stack of adorable jadite green trays .Each one has this cute image on it! I love the art deco flowers on her skirt!She really knows what I like, which is easy because we like all the same things! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families. We had a really fun day at our house!
Next time I'll show you what I sent to my dear mama for Christmas!
Michelle xoxo

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Sparkle!
Here is a little peek into my bedroom. I've always got to have some sparkle, holiday or not!
I added some fairy lights to this white lantern for a pretty and magical glow and draped some pretty aqua beads on the back of the chair. The pillow is the other side of the one my mom made me from a vintage runner. I added my favorite pink millinery flower.
I was lucky enough to win this adorable snowman ornament from sweet Dawn of The Feathered Nest! Isn't he SO cute???And he fits in perfectly on my white tree! Thanks so much, Dawn!!!
Here are a few more of my favorite ornaments on my tree. A sweet angel.
A charming snowman family, which is really just a card I added glitter to.
An adorable Santa and a vintage photo.
Can't you just see that little guy asking for some figgy pudding? He looks like he's all dressed up for the holidays! Now I'm off to read some Christmas stories to my little men.
Michelle xoxo

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vintage Christmas!
These are the presents I'm mailing off to my dear mama. I can't show what's inside yet, because she sometimes reads my blog. I love using plain brown mailing paper with vintage pretties like lace and postcards to dress it up.
This box some of you may recognize as the box glittered letters come in. I altered it by adding a vintage photo of a queen and some glitter. I was going to glitter her jewels, but ran out of glitter glue and time.
I used vintage sheet music to wrap one present and tied it up with aqua seam binding. The tiny little box is from Michaels. It's just a little paper mache box. I added a vintage fairy illustration and some tinsel.
This is my Christmas tree this year. You may be wondering why I'm only showing you the top of it.This is why. This little man loves to remove the ornaments, so the bottom of the tree is quite bare.
I love how my old aqua door looks as a backdrop for my white tree.On it I have hung some vintage lace and a Wendy Addison dream banner. I also added a cute little cone I made and this fun collage I did a few years ago. The photo is of my mom and her little brother in front of an igloo their daddy built for them.I love this old world style Father Christmas I found at T.J. Maxx. He is the newest addition to my small collection of white Christmas decorations.
And last, I must show you the table I bought with my birthday money over two months ago. It's fits perfectly in my entryway.
Hope you are having lots of fun getting ready for Christmas this year as I am.
Michelle xoxo

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas at my house...
Just a peek at some of my Christmas decor. I'm linking up with It's A Very Cherry World for the weekly Rednesday blog party!As you can see, I have a thing for cute snowmen....and vintage Christmas cards...
and little snow covered houses and trees. Do you decorating for Christmas early too? I just can't help myself. It's my favorite time of year, so I like to make it last as long as I can.Michelle xoxo