Thursday, February 17, 2011

To My Valentine...I know it's past Valentine's Day, but I just had to show you what my beloved Valentine gave me!These fabulous vintage Valentine candy boxes!!! I have really been wanting one (or a collection of them!). They are just so nostalgic and romantic and sweet! And these two are my favorite colors, aqua and pink!!!I can't believe how huge the aqua one is. It's about 16 inches! It would take a lot of chocolates to fill up that box. A big thank you and huge smooch to my dear hubby for this lovely gift!!! I think they are so pretty I may just leave them out all year long!
Michelle xoxo

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Awaiting Spring...
It's the day after Valentine's Day and I'm already looking forward to spring. It actually feels like spring here in Texas this week. It's in the 60s and 70s!
Do you remember that cute pink cabinet I showed you in my last post? Well I found something else in that same antique mall booth, painted the same shade of pale pink. This simple little table, with a shelf, two drawers for storage and cute little glass knobs. It was very cheap and I need storage and display space, so I couldn't resist!
I love this pretty white lamp I found at T.J. Maxx a few years ago. I love how it looks like an old piece of architectural salvage, but I never like the shade that came with it. I was so happy to find this shade at the thrift store. It already had the ruffle at the bottom and I added the vintage lace and millinery flower.I forgot to show you girls this altered bottle I made. It is one of the presents I sent to my sweet mama for her birthday.
All these pretties have me in the mood for spring. Flowers, lace, pastels... I guess I'm just a spring sort of girl!
I even love Spring clothing the best. Take a look at these spring 2011 fashions I found online.
I LOVE all that pretty white lace!!! Hard to imagine wearing it as a stay-at-home mama who never goes anywhere, though.But these sure are lovely to look at and dream of wearing...I found a few cute things cute pieces of clothing at the thrift store recently but I'm not great at photographing clothing, so you may never see them. Maybe I should try them on my dress form? I'm sure I'm not the only one dreaming of spring. Let's hope it comes a bit early this year!
Michelle xoxo

Monday, February 07, 2011

Hello dear ones! Here is a fun Valentine vignette I created with some favorite finds.
I was inspired by this adorable little pale pink cabinet I found at the antique store.It's a perfect place to store my art supplies and show off my favorite vintage goodies on top!
I haven't used my cloche for a while, so I dusted it off and added these pretties inside.I adore vintage rhinestones. These beauties are heading off to California because they are some of my birthday presents for my dear mama!I also found this sweet vintage Valentine to give her.
The girl reminds me of me when I was young and I love the colors and style of it.
Here is the inside. What it says is perfect. We love all the same things, so we really do agree on most everything. And I am definitely very happy when she does come to Texas to "play" with me! We love going to antique stores together!
I also found these pretty pieces of lace and mother of pearl buttons and buckles for her. I think they are so pretty.A few more finds for my mama's birthday. A vibrantly colored millinery flower and bingo card.As I was leaving the antique store, I saw a huge basket full of lace sitting on the floor by the register that was not there when I had arrived. Of course, I sat on the floor and dug through them for a long time, untangling them and finding the prettiest pieces. The only trouble was, there were no prices. When the dealer showed up, she could not have been sweeter and she gave the flower for free and told me I could have the huge pile of lace I found for only $2!!!My new pink cabinet is the perfect place to store them, but they are so pretty I may have to keep the drawer open! For some reason I always have a hard time finding pink buttons, so I was happy to find these lovelies!
I'm linking up with Vintage Inspiration Friday with Debra from Common Ground. Wishing you a lovely week girls!
Michelle xoxo