Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sneak peek
Hello dear friends! I've decided to keep my first wall color after all. It is very pretty even though it wasn't what I first wanted and (with a crazy little 1 year old running about) I just don't have what it takes to paint it all over again!
I still have a lot to do before the room is done, though. Like finding pretty bedding and a chandelier. I've been eying this lovely vintage inspired bedding from Pennys.I'd prefer to find an old one, but there are some really gorgeous new chandeliers on Ebay for pretty cheap if you're willing to add all the crystals on yourself! lol! I just might do that.Since I'm not ready to show my room yet, I'll just give you a sneak peek. I've been having fun decorating my fabulous Simply Shabby Chic (found at the Goodwill for $30!) bookshelf with some of my favorite vintage treasures. Here's a little sneak peek of the wall color too, behind this chair! This is my mom's baby dress on an adorable vintage baby hanger. I embellished the glittered "C" with a photo of my sweet mama as a baby.
I love this vintage hanger! My mom gave me two like this and I think they are too pretty to leave in the closet! I added the rhinestone button because I just can't have enough sparkle!
Thanks for coming to visit today!
Michelle xoxo

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pretty inspiration...
Hello girls! Remember how I was going to buy some aqua paint for my bedroom makeover? Well, I did buy some.... and I painted the whole room.... and it's just way to bright and too blue. So I'll have to find a better color- hopefully one that looks a lot like the one in the photo below.
I love this bedroom so much!!! It's from the book "Garden Style" by Better Homes and Gardens. I think the very pale aqua color is just what I want. The vintage floral prints on the bed are so pretty! I love how they used the garden trellis and plant stand for display.This photo is from the same book. I have drooled over this photo for over 10 years now and I just noticed that I now have two of the lovely McCoy pieces that are in this photo, the swan and one of the flower pots! Anway, just sharing some lovely vintage style decorating inspiration while I try and sort out my painting problems.
Michelle xoxo