Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh, I am a happy, happy girl!! My printer died on my a few months ago and it drives me crazy because I use it all the time. Well, two days ago sweet husband comes home late and claims his foot hurts and would I please go get the pizza he brought home out of the trunk of the car. Well, I looked pretty awful- I was already in my pajamas- no make-up and he said "It's o.k.- it's dark outside-no one will see you- please??"So I agreed- running out to the car quickly checking for neighbors who might see me. I wondered why sweet husband would have put the pizza in the back of the car ? I reach in for the pizza, but my eye is caught by a large box- I look at it and know it cannot be what I think it is- I look again- it is!!! There in my trunk is a brand new HP printer!!! :D I ran back in with the pizza with a giant grin on my face. My husband is such a sweetie pie!! We really can't even afford it right now, but he knows it is so important to me. I'm a stay-at-home mama with no car who only gets out on the weekends, so kid's cartoons, the internet and this printer are my only entertainment. I have been having SOOO much fun with it!! Earlier in the day, before he brought this home, I had told him how sad I was, because I was working on something (the piece in the photo above) and I accidentally cut my finger and hadn't realized it, then touched my ballerina and got a blood stain on her white dress and couldn't print a new girl because my printer was broken. I am so lucky to have such a sweet and thoughtful husband, but I already knew that. Well, I'm off to play with my little ones and maybe sneak in some printing and creating!! Have a lovely day!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome to my humble blog! I doubt anyone checks this silly blog since I have not posted since hmmmm- maybe a year ago? Oh my- yes, it has been that long. I'm going to try to start up again because I so enjoy all the lovely and inspring blogs that I visit daily and I hope that I can return the kindness and maybe offer some pretty photos and inspiration too! I don't have a working camera now (I slipped on ice and my poor camera went flying through the air!), but I do have some photos to share and a scanner so here we go! :D I am by no stretch of the imagination of writer, so please bear with me as I use run-on sentences and jump from subject to subject without warning! I have just started to try collage art and I am loving it!!! I cannot draw, but I can find pretty things and I enjoy putting them all together. There is so much wonderful artistic inspiration on flickr.com and I am so addicted to it! I enjoy peeking into other's beautiful and charming homes and gardens and the wonderful artwork that so many talented artists are kind enough to share! You should visit my flickr website and click on "favorites" for some delicous eye candy from my flickr friends!

I think I have babbled on long enough for a first post so farwell and hopefully I will return!

Michelle http://flickr.com/people/seasiderosegarden/