Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thrift store treasures: Part 2
A few days ago I showed you one of my thrift store finds and promised to show the rest in my next post, but promptly forgot to do so! Here are my other fun finds from that rainy day. These fabulous mercury glass candle holders!
I had been drooling over the pretty photos of beauties like these on other blogs for years, but rarely found any and when I did they were quite pricey! Last Christmas my sweet husband and boys bought me the two pretty ones you see below and they found them for only $3 and $4!! And the ones I found at the thrift store last weekend were only $1.50 for the small one and $2.00 for the large ones!! So I have a gorgeous mercury glass candle holder collection for a total of only $12.50!! Now I just need some white candles. I think they would be so pretty on my hutch for Christmas. I found a photo of my Christmas hutch from a few years ago. I had totally forgotten that I had decorated it this way and I love it! I plan to do the same look this year, but with my new candle holders!
Michelle xoxo
White Wednesday!
Thank you to Kathleen for hosting this fun idea of "White Wednesdays"! I'm off now to see the other white posts!
Michelle xoxo

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jewelry giveaway!!
I think most of you know the fabulous and inspiring Alice of Thoughts from Alice W and Painted White. I just found her husband's blog, St. Joshua. He makes the most unique and fun jewelry pieces that he sells on Etsy. He is having a give away, but today is the last to to enter, so hurry on over!!
Michelle xoxo

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thrift store treasure....
Yesterday our little family braved the pouring rain so we could check out the thrift stores. We only made it to one, but I found a couple little goodies and this is one of them. This sweet vintage Madonna figurine.
In the past, I never gave a second thought to this type of thing, but lately I have been seeing some beautiful vintage religious collectibles on other ladies' blogs (like this one and this one on Posy's blog) and was wanting to find something like this. So I was thrilled to find this lovely treasure for only $1.50!She has such a pretty face and I love that she is holding pink roses! I think she looks right at home on my favorite aqua shelf ! I promise to show you my other thrifty finds in my next post!
Michelle xoxo

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

White Wednesday!!
Some favorite white vignettes around my home....
a white clock from my vintage clock collection.....
a fun button wreath I made with vintage buttons.....
and a creamy white shell shaped vase.Thank you to Kathleen for hosting this fun idea of "White Wednesdays"! I'm off now to see the other white posts!
Michelle xoxo

Friday, September 04, 2009

Fit for a Queen.....
I have been seeing pretty crowns all over Blogland and Flickr and I really wanted one of my own. I finally found a lovely one at Marshalls and it was a nice vintage gold color, but just not right for my decor. So I bought it anyway and painted it a creamy white and added some sparkling rhinestones and I just love the results! It is just what I wanted! I think it looks so pretty sitting on top of my Simply Shabby Chic bookcase with some of my other favorite things.Look at the pretty details on my bookshelf which I blogged about finding at the Goodwill a while back. Now I have found my crown, but I am still wanting a rhinestone tiara for my birthday. (Hint, hint Sweet Husband!)