Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm a lunatic.

I'm crazy about the moon- if it's dark and I'm outside, you can be sure I will take at least a few moments to gaze at the moon. It mesmerizes me. It enthralls me. It is the same moon that lit up the sky centuries ago. The same moon Shakespear gazed upon. It's beautiful- there's nothing else like it. Such an icon for romance and mystery. It seems after mankind figured out how travel to the moon, the mystery was gone. You don't see anyone taking their photos in front of fake moons anymore, do you? For me, the moon will always hold the mystery and romance of long ago.
From the heart

Becky Kelly's art is so sweet and comforting. She paints images of little girls, moms, fairies, and friendly animals in the softest watercolors. Her greeting cards always have the sweetest sentiments. You can check out her work and find some cute free e-cards to send to someone you care about at:
Vintage Postcards~

I adore them! They are beautiful pieces of history and affordable to collect. It's fun to read the messages written on the back. I like to photocopy and enlarge the ones I like the best and use them as wall art, for crafts, or just display them in a photo holder.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cottage Style

I love cottage style . I have the most fun cutting up my magazines and making decorating inspiration scrapbooks. I like a mix of shabby chic, English cottage, seaside cottage, garden style, and Paris chic. I'm a bit of a decorating schitzophrenic. :) I hope to someday have a pretty little cottage of my own to share with my sweet husband and my boys.