Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm a lunatic.

I'm crazy about the moon- if it's dark and I'm outside, you can be sure I will take at least a few moments to gaze at the moon. It mesmerizes me. It enthralls me. It is the same moon that lit up the sky centuries ago. The same moon Shakespear gazed upon. It's beautiful- there's nothing else like it. Such an icon for romance and mystery. It seems after mankind figured out how travel to the moon, the mystery was gone. You don't see anyone taking their photos in front of fake moons anymore, do you? For me, the moon will always hold the mystery and romance of long ago.


Anastasia said...

What cute pictures!
La Luna is still pretty fascinating to me - especially how it changes shape - my 3yr old is so interested in it too! we look for the cow jumping over the moon some nights....

Jeanne said...

I love your online journal and the postings and photographs as I do everything you have on Flickr!
Blessings to you my friend!

"Every step I have ever taken has been to bring me closer to you"
~Memoirs of a Geisha

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Jeanne said...
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Chickenbells said...

I love all these photos! I wish I could hang them on my wall at home!

Croila said...

These pictures are lovely - I've never seen anything like them before. Beautiful!

Vicki Chrisman said...

Oh , it's been so fun to come over here and look at all the pretties and catch up! Thanks for the relaxing read this morning! I've been missing getting over here. Now that things have slowed down around here... I'll be able to keep up better.