Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Fall!
Hello, dear friends! I didn't intend to be absent so long, but sometimes I just get out of the blogging groove. I thought I would share some of the Fall decorating I've been doing around my little cottage. My newest finds inspired me to do my hutch in black and white.
I found a cute little black suitcase, crochet doily, flashcards, cream pitcher, an adorable alarm clock and the fabulously huge letter R! I also found this cute musical flash card and the black satin bow tie.
On top of my t.v. cabinet I used white, cream, red, brown and oranges. Not my usual pastels and neutrals, but they are so cozy and warm for fall.I love the scents of the fall candles and the velvet leaf and berry picks add such richness! I used some old books for lifts, brown tansferware, vintage clock faces, and of course I had to spell out Autumn with my scrabble letters! I so love decorating for seasons and holidays! Oh, who am I kidding? I love decorating for any, every and NO reason at all! Next up I'm going to try to do some spooky Halloween decor. But not too spooky, I don't want to scare my little guys! Now I'm off to enjoy blogs and spend too much time on my favorite pastime, Pinterest!!! So inspiring and so very addicting!
Michelle xoxo