Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hello Again! Do You Remeber Me?

Oh dear!  I cannot believe that I've been gone for so long, sweet friends! But I have a really good excuse... this little guy! 
Yes, I'm mama to 4 little men now!  And they keep me quite busy.  This little one's name is Finn.  He is 5 months old now and he is delightful and so very sweet!  

With this new little guy arriving,  I am reminded more than ever that I want to start recording our memories and keeping our photos with them , but scrapbooking can be so time consuming.  I love the type of artistic journals that the fabulous Corey Moortgat has created for her babies, but I know I'm probably not going to be able to fit that kind of time in anytime soon.  So I've decided to try Project Life, but my way.  I'm not going to try to record every single day or week like some people do, but I just want to use that simple and easy style of slipping journal cards and photos into sleeves so I have a chance of actually getting it done. 

 I'm trying to gather ideas on how to make it my own.  There is a lot of good inspiration on Pinterest, maybe too much. I love Pinterest, but it can also be overwhelming. I have been gathering the supplies I need and hopefully I can find a space to create in  this little house. Maybe I can squeeze in a spot somewhere between all the computers and toys. If only this baby would take longer naps. It's hard to nap when you have 3 loud older brothers!

Have any of you tried Project Life or something similar?  I would love to hear about your experiences and see your work.

Michelle xoxo

Sunday, January 06, 2013

  Hello Sweet Friends!  I hope you all had a lovely Christmastime with your families.  We had a lovely time here.  I thought I would share a few of the beautiful Christmas presents I received. 
 My sweet mama sent me most of these lovely things, plus some candy and crafting supplies and lots of pretty doilies and things for creating Valentines!

My boys gave me a cupon for a free trip to my favorite antique stores, so of course I wasted no time!  I bought this vintage book with the gorgeous cover, some pink vintage flowers, the sweet vintage button card and an old version of The Three Bears. 
 I adore the sweet illustrations.  These two are my favorites.  Have you ever seen a cuter Goldilocks? I found a few more goodies that I will show you on our next visit.