Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Romantic Thoughts....I found one!!! You may remember that in my last post I told you I was not able to find an affordable little feather style tree? Well, this past weekend I found one at my favorite antique mall! It was half price and already had white lights, white tulle wrapped around it, and it is the prettiest shade of vintage peachy pink!!! And it's a tall one at 3 ft. I got a great deal, but whoever bought this tree before me got an even better deal. I know because when I looked at the bottom of the base there was a Goodwill tag that said 3.99!!!
I was so exited to find it! I can use it for Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter, too! I couldn't wait to decorate it and create a vignette around it! I found two more wonderful treasures that day, also. This lovely book in the best vintage aqua blue. Quite the dramatic title. Maybe someday when my kids are all grown up I will have time to read all these great old books that I really buy just to use in my decorating because they are so darn pretty! Hehe!I also found this delightful vintage hat. It's just so yummy, covered in soft, whisper pink rose petals!
Love, love, love these newest finds. I could just stare at them all day!
Here is a closer look at my pretty pink Valentine tree. The pearl choker necklace is the one I wore for my wedding.The lady in the vintage photo is my great grandmother. To me she looks as though she may be thinking romantic thoughts.And showcased in my favorite frame is cupid herself. Hmmm ~I should maybe give her a heart or arrow or something? Or are silver wings and a rhinestone necklace enough?
Look at that sweet face. The silver wings, rhinestones and doll were all Christmas presents from my sweet mama.
I adore this rose print. I enlarged it from a vintage postcard by C. Klein, one of my favorite artists.
All this romantic decorating really has me in the mood to make some pretty Valentines! Hopefully, I will have some to show you next time.Michelle xoxo

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Silver Sunday!
Welcome to Silver Sunday, hosted by the lovely Beth of Gypsy Fish Journal!
The silver tray belonged to my grandmother. I love to use it as a place to display some of my favorite little pretty vintage treasures! And this gorgeous mirror is one of my very favorite things! I found it at Marshalls years ago. I LOVE Marshalls.... and T.J.Maxx, Ross, and thrift stores!! Make sure you visit Jill from Gypsy Brocante to win one of her fabulous silver tray chalkboards! Now I'm off now to visit the other lovely ladies participating in Silver Sunday!
Michelle xoxo

Friday, January 08, 2010

The Valentine Tree....I have been wanting one of those small white feather style trees for a long time now. I have seen them used to display Valentines and Easter decorations and they always looks so cute. But I have never found one in person and online they seem to cost as much or more than my white Christmas tree- plus shipping! So this year I just left up my Christmas tree and made it a Valentines tree! I wasn't too sure about it- it seemed a bit too weird (even for me!). But my boys love it and so it will stay...I guess. But I'm getting pretty tired of pulling Dylan away from it every 5 minutes! Anyway, it looks better in close ups and it's not really finished so I will just show you a few my favorite parts.I love vintage valentines! The first one is my favorite. It came in an envelope addressed to "Edward". Next ist the sweetest Mary Engelbriet envelope and a vintage playing card.
The adorable little Valentine below was a gift from my sweet and talented friend Mel! Isn't it the cutest??
I used candy canes on the tree because they fit in so well- who says candy canes are only for Christmas?
A glittery red heart garland my sweet mama gave me and a Mary Engelbriet card. Have I ever told you how much I love Mary E.? I fell in love with her artwork when I was a teenager way back in the 80's.
A sweet vintage postcard.
Doves, sparkling key (the key to your heart, of course!)
A cute little flapper lady dressed up for a Valentine's party.I have been more into pastels for the past few years, but I have and always will love red. This hatbox is a favorite find. I think the toile wallpaper used to cover it is so beautiful! And this vintage scrapbook is such a great shade of dark red.And another one of my fun thrift store finds! A super cute Mary E. pillow that is in perfect condition!I'm hoping to find time to make some cute Valentines this year. I haven't created anything since this time last year because I have been busy with this little sweet heart.Meet me here tomorrow for Silver Sunday!!
Michelle xoxo

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Silver Sunday!
I'm joining in (a little late!) to Gypsy Fish Journal's Silver Sunday! I don't have a lot of silver, but I do love the pieces I have. The first is vintage sugar shaker with pretty floral details.
This little teapot ( really probably a creamer, I guess?) was a Goodwill find and the lovely tray it is sitting on belonged to my paternal grandmother. Thanks so much to Beth for hosting the great idea of Silver Sunday!
Michelle xoxo