Monday, June 23, 2008

I love the Goodwill: Part IIMy sweet Mama arrived on Saturday night!! Yay!! Sunday we went to one of our favorite antique stores. I didn't bring my camera because I shared photos of the same antique mall just a few posts ago. We didn't buy anything at the antique mall, but afterwards we stopped by the Goodwill and I found something I have been looking for for years- the cute wooden linen rack that is in the above photo. I have found many over the years, but they always were ridiculous prices but this one was only $2.99!!! My sweet Mama bought it for me! Thank you, Mama!! It is so nice to have a place to display my beautiful vintage embroidered linens so I can see them everyday, instead of having them stored in a box.
This pretty pillow is another favorite recent Goodwill find. It is a Rachel Ashwell "Simply Shabby Chic" pillow sham. It was only $4.99!! I just love the gorgeous print and colors on this fabric! I will be leaving for California tomorrow and will be gone for about a month, so don't forget about me!! I will be bringing my camera, so I should have lots to share when I return!
Michelle xoxo

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer fun and I've got the blues
Here are my sweeties enjoying summertime. The little one above, is gardening with a plastic spoon. He digs for roley poley bugs and then brings them in the house to be his pet. He puts them in his Fischer-Price house and make them ride in his toy cars. It is SO cute. (I limit him to one roley poley in the house at a time, in case you were wondering if there were bugs all over my house!) Don't you love the fake smile he is giving me? My big guy, who is 6, is doing an rather interesting pose. To me it looks like he is posing for a hunky guy calendar!! (Not that I look at that sort of thing!LOL!!)
My sweet Mama will be coming soon and then the kids and I will be heading to California with her for a long visit. Since I will be gone I thought I would post my photos for next weeks Shades of Inspiration group a little early. This week the color is another of my faves, blue!!
My blue enamelware coffee pot which is my very favorite shade of blue!
Lots of pretty blue buttons.
Love my striped pillow and the embroidered one , too. I think they look so summery.A lovely blue transferware plate. I have SO many blue transferware pieces but they are stashed away in the garage because I have way to many dishes!!A blue basket full of seaside treasures.My dotted pitcher which I adore.Most of my blue goodies all piled together. Someday I would love to decorate my bedroom in a blue and white seaside theme.
And lastly, a fun little blue tag I made.
My mom will be arriving late Saturday and Sunday we will go have some fun at our favorite antique store, so I might do one more fun post before I leave if I remember to take my camera with me.
Michelle xoxo

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seeing green.... I adore green, especially Jadite green!! I have been collecting Jadite and other light green colored goodies for years, so I was so happy when I found out this week's theme for the "Shades of Inspiration" group on Flickr is green! I love the pretty pattern on these beautiful sheets my sweet Mama gave me for Christmas!Not a very good photo of it, but I love this lantern I found years ago at Restorations Hardware!
A vintage green pot holder. I will have to share my pot holder collection with you all soon!
A sweet greeting card I received long ago.
I adore my sweet Mary Englebreit dish towel.
A jadite green vintage cupbaord door.
Vintage green alarm clock and lots of buttons is all shades of green!Last, but not least this adorable potholder with a happy vintage style!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

I love the Goodwill storeI found this amazing "Simply Shabby Chic" bookcase that I have been wanting from Target for years at the Goodwill store this weekend!! It is $200 new at Target. I got it for $29 at the Goodwill and there is only one minor and fixable flaw- nothing a little spackel and cream paint won't fix! Yay!! I'm just so giddy about this wonderful find!! As you can see I have already started loading it up with my art supplies!
Here is a photo of my sweet baby boy. It is so hard to get him to look at the camera for long enough for me to get a shot. It took about 40 tries to get this cute one.
And here I am with my big boy. Also one that won't look at the camera for more than a split second!
I haven't been keeping up with "Show and Tell Sunday" even though they the themes are ones I could be taking some great photos for. I just haven't felt like decorating and taking photos lately- someone call the doctor, I must be sick! LOL! Anyway, hopefully I will crawl out of this funk and do one big catch up post soon. Also, I have been tagged by a couple of you lovely ladies and I promise to get to that soon!
Michelle xoxo