Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer fun and I've got the blues
Here are my sweeties enjoying summertime. The little one above, is gardening with a plastic spoon. He digs for roley poley bugs and then brings them in the house to be his pet. He puts them in his Fischer-Price house and make them ride in his toy cars. It is SO cute. (I limit him to one roley poley in the house at a time, in case you were wondering if there were bugs all over my house!) Don't you love the fake smile he is giving me? My big guy, who is 6, is doing an rather interesting pose. To me it looks like he is posing for a hunky guy calendar!! (Not that I look at that sort of thing!LOL!!)
My sweet Mama will be coming soon and then the kids and I will be heading to California with her for a long visit. Since I will be gone I thought I would post my photos for next weeks Shades of Inspiration group a little early. This week the color is another of my faves, blue!!
My blue enamelware coffee pot which is my very favorite shade of blue!
Lots of pretty blue buttons.
Love my striped pillow and the embroidered one , too. I think they look so summery.A lovely blue transferware plate. I have SO many blue transferware pieces but they are stashed away in the garage because I have way to many dishes!!A blue basket full of seaside treasures.My dotted pitcher which I adore.Most of my blue goodies all piled together. Someday I would love to decorate my bedroom in a blue and white seaside theme.
And lastly, a fun little blue tag I made.
My mom will be arriving late Saturday and Sunday we will go have some fun at our favorite antique store, so I might do one more fun post before I leave if I remember to take my camera with me.
Michelle xoxo


Monique Griffith said...

Oh, those are some handsome little men you have there. Emily sure misses them! When are you coming to CA? I want to see you!!

Connie said...

I LOVE the blue post, my little Cali girl!! Those boys are cuties too......

love.boxes said...

Love the blue.. so pretty! Have a fun time with your mom!

Anonymous said...

Love the blue ,and the boys are so cute!

Andrea said...

Cute kids! My oldest is 6 too! I love, love the blue enamel pot!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Have fun in California !! I am in Texas too and from California and all my extended family lives there still ~ we don't get to go back as often as we used to so I miss it terribly !!

Anonymous said...

I love this post, I am crazy about blue right now. My favorite is that enamel pitcher.


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Oh Michelle!
How I LOVE that 1920's tinted and embroidered pillow you have! It is simply GORGEOUS! Your little boys are adorable. What a Joy they must be for you.
Many Blessings,
Patricia :o)
PS: Have fun with your mom. Hope you find all kinds of treasures.

Karen Frank said...

Oh I am so jealous that you are going home to California! Have so much fun! If you see anyone that I know...tell them hello! Have a wonderful time with your mama! Your boys are adorable! At some point we are going to have to get together! Wouldn't that be so fun!!

Cindy said...

LOVE your blues! Beautiful indeed.


das Musenkind said...

Realy, you have a great talent for decoration and the mix of the colours are so in Harmony. You inspired me!

Thank you!

Lynda said...

I love your blue stuff! cute blog I wish I had that vase.