Wednesday, August 26, 2009

White Wednesday!
Visit Kathleen at Faded Charm for more White Wednesday participants!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meet Millie....
Isn't she beautiful?? I am SO happy! I have been wanting a dress form for soooo long! I really wanted a vintage one, but I rarely find them and when I do they are so pricey! So I decided to just find myself a newer one and this weekend I found this pretty lady on Craig's List for only $35!!!
I will probably end up "aging" her like the fabulous Heather showed how to do in this post, but I just couldn't wait to play dress up with her!!
She looks so much prettier in person, but I just couldn't seem to get a good photo of her. My 5 year old sweetie asked me "What is she going to wear?" and "Mama, will you put her head on?". Then he told me "Hey! She looks just like the walking trees on Luigi's mansion(a level on Mario Kart) only she's wearing a pretty dress!"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A happy surprise!
Yesterday I got a wonderful surprise package! Well, the actual package was not a surprise because I knew my sweet mama was sending some cute new school clothes (and candy, of course!) to my sweet boys. I had no idea what treasures were awaiting me when I opened the box...

Sweet vintage baby photos, one of my favorite things to collect!
Some instant relatives. I love using these kinds of photos in decorating vignettes and in my collages.A handsome young lad. I love it when they are in their original matte like this!
A lovely young couple on their wedding day. Wonderful treasures!
But there was more...
a beautiful skirt with the most gorgeous colors and fabrics. I love the light and airy feel of the fabric- perfect for summer. I can't wait to wear it!She also sent some craft supplies and this pretty rose plate! I love it all! What a fun surprise!
Hoping you all have as lovely a week as I am!!!
Michelle xoxo
P.S. As I write this post I hear the sweet, happy squeals of my little Dylan as his big brother plays with him. What could be better? I am so blessed!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here I go again....
As you can see, I have been playing dress up with my blog again! It is way too much fun!! I have found yet another wonderful site with amazing free backgrounds and accessories!! Click the photo below for the link!!

Michelle xoxo

Sunday, August 02, 2009

For The Love of Lace...
Kathleen from Faded Charm hosts "White Wednesdays" each week and I LOVE white so I thought I would join in! I have a large collection of lace, so that's what I am sharing with you today! These are some pretty pieces I found for only $1 each. I used vintage sheet music as a background to photograph them. I think it looks so pretty on the sheet music and rhinestones that I just might frame the whole thing and hang it on my wall.
A lovely cuff I made using some of the lace. I love rhinestones with lace!!!
I use my laces around my cottage to add softness and romance.It is too beautiful to hide away in boxes. I keep it in baskets and jars so I can see it every day!Some of my favorites. I think all the different shades of white looks so lovely together.
Thank you to Kathleen for hosting this fun idea of "White Wednesdays"! I'm off now to see the other white posts!
Michelle xoxo
Fun and free!!
I am so happy with my blog makeover!! I changed my banner to a photo of some of my favorite treasures. I also changed my background and I LOVE it!! It is such a fun one and SO me!! And the best part is it was FREE!! If your blog needs a makeover, visit The Background Fairy. She has so many beautiful blog backgrounds and they are all free for you and she gives simple instructions if you don't know how to do it. I also got a free button and blinky from Shabby Blogs.
She has some pretty free backgrounds and other fun things like buttons and blinkies and banners. She also gives simple instructions if you need help. The summer heat is in full force here in Texas and probably where you live, also. To cool off I'm imagining I am in a pretty little cottage by the sea. I love this arragement I created on a favorite plate. Lovely seashells, fun starfish, and pretty seaglass I picked up on Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, Ca. Isn't this a gorgeous magazine cover?? I am so exited about this new magazine that is coming out in Spring 2010!! That's a long wait, but judging from this cover it will be well worth it. Hmmm, the way I jump from topic to topic could put your head in a spin! Maybe I should go back and visit Shabby Blogs and grab this for my sidebar?
Michelle xoxo