Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fun and free!!
I am so happy with my blog makeover!! I changed my banner to a photo of some of my favorite treasures. I also changed my background and I LOVE it!! It is such a fun one and SO me!! And the best part is it was FREE!! If your blog needs a makeover, visit The Background Fairy. She has so many beautiful blog backgrounds and they are all free for you and she gives simple instructions if you don't know how to do it. I also got a free button and blinky from Shabby Blogs.
She has some pretty free backgrounds and other fun things like buttons and blinkies and banners. She also gives simple instructions if you need help. The summer heat is in full force here in Texas and probably where you live, also. To cool off I'm imagining I am in a pretty little cottage by the sea. I love this arragement I created on a favorite plate. Lovely seashells, fun starfish, and pretty seaglass I picked up on Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, Ca. Isn't this a gorgeous magazine cover?? I am so exited about this new magazine that is coming out in Spring 2010!! That's a long wait, but judging from this cover it will be well worth it. Hmmm, the way I jump from topic to topic could put your head in a spin! Maybe I should go back and visit Shabby Blogs and grab this for my sidebar?
Michelle xoxo


shabby*vintage*dreams said...

hi, just found your blog and its delightful! going to bookmark it now!!

Lori said...

Michelle, i love your new look!!!

June said...

Hi Michelle,
I really love your new banner. It just looks like you. The whole look is great.

Rebecca Nelson said...

Love the new look Michelle! PERFECTO! It looks just like you. Interesting about the Mag...haven't heard of it! ;(


Alison Gibbs said...

Love the blog makeover.

Vicki said...

Hello, Michelle
Yes it has been a scorcher summer here in TX hasn't it. Thankfully we got a little rain here in central TX. Thank you for sharing about the free things for our blog to beautify it. I am glad instructions are given, too, as I just started my blog last week. Love the plate you decorated with seashells. Hope your week is a good one. Vicki

Karen The Graphics Fairy said...

Hi Michelle,
I'm so glad you like this background, it goes perfectly with your beautiful new banner!! Thanks so much for giving me a little plug in your post, you are so sweet to do that!!
P.S. I'm excited about the new magazine too, I didn't realize it wasn't coming out until 2010 though, how will we wait that long?!!

Traci said...

HI, I just discovered your blog itis wonderful! I love all your treasures! I will definitely be back!! Traci

Traci said...

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the sweet comments and becoming a follower! I will do like wise! Traci

Faded Charm said...

I'm so glad you want to join in on the "White Wednesday" theme. I'll add your name to my list and look forward to seeing all your white goodies.


Merci-Notes said...

Hi Michelle,
Thank you for your sweet comment about my little cottage. I love making them!

I love your new banner and Thank You for the wonderful link! So helpful for me!!!
If you are the Queen of Random, i must be in your court!!! :)

What handsome sons! :) Sooo cute