Thursday, April 27, 2006

100 Things about me: (well, how about 50?)

1. I am married to the most wonderful, sweet, handsome gentleman
2. I'm a stay-at-home mom to two wonderful little boys, 4 and 2 yrs.
3. I love old, vintage, and pretty things from the Victorian age thru the 40s
4. Antique malls are my favorite place to shop, while I detest the mall (everything is just too new!)
5. I eat too much cheese- way to much
6. I also eat too many sweets
7. My favorite flower is the rose, but all flowers make me happy
8. I can't choose a favorite color- how could one be so much better than the rest?
9. I'm very close to my mama and we love shopping the antique mall together
10. I enjoy scrapbooking
11. I would like to try collage art
12. I'm shy, but not nearly as shy as I was when I was younger
13. I don't like talking on the phone
14. I sometimes think I miss my 20s, but then I realize I was confused, immature and didn't know who I was- that's not worth having my pre-baby body back!
15. Old men who walk around whistling songs to themselves make me smile
16. Old ladies with red lipstick and too much rouge make me smile
17. I don't cook, but I want to learn
18. I'm tall and I love it
19. White cake with white buttercream frosting is my friend
20. I miss California, but I think I'm starting to get over it
21. My guilty pleasure tv show is "All My Children"
22. I have a love/hate relationship with computers
23. I'd love to live where it snows in the winter
24. I'm not athletic and I'm not at all interested in sports
25. I'd like to learn to be a great photographer
26. I love God (this list, by the way, is NOT in order of importance!)
27. Even the smell of coconut makes me sick
28. I'm not addicted to tea or coffee, but chocolate milk is another story
29. I love vintage children's toys and books
30. I loved shoes with a passion till my feet grew to size 11 by age 11 and it became too difficult to find cute shoes in my size
31. I love the outdoors, but I'm a hotel person, not a camper
32. One of my dreams is to travel to France, Italy, and England
33. I enjoy watching Spongebob
34. I love decorating and decorating books
35. I love cottage/shabby chic/vintage/seaside style
36. Nobody tagged me to do this list, I just felt the need to talk all about myself! :)
37. I don't leave the house without makeup
38. I'm addicted to
39. I dye my hair blonde (well, it used to be natural!) ;)
40. I won't swim in any water that I cannot see through ( I did when I was little and cannot stand wondering what is brushing against my feet under the water! :0
41. I think clowns are evil and creepy
42. I want to own my own house and paint every room a different , yet tasteful, color
43. My first car was a 1974 cream colored Mercedes- how I miss that car, except for it's lack of a working air conditioner
41. I don't have a favorite movie, but I love romantic comedies and action comedies best
42. I enjoy the internet and I'm thankful for all the lovely people I have met here
43. I'm a little sister to one brother, but almost feel like an only child because he's 10 yrs. older
44. I love being a stay-at-home mom and wife
45. I believe fairy tales do come true and there is a happily ever after, if you help them along and work hard to keep it
46. I love animals, but have no pets
47. I love pretty much all types of music, but classical is what inspires me the most
48. I'm 32 and feel like I'm finally getting to know my true self and what I enjoy and want from my life
49. I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine- I think if I didn't I would probably be a full 6' tall! That would be awesome!)
50. When I was a teenager my big aspiration in life was to be a supermodel! :P That one was quite embarassing to admit!
If anyone actually made it all the way to the end of this, thanks for reading! :) I may finish the 100 someday, but for now 50 seems like plenty. A girl has to keep an air of mystery about her, right? I can't let out ALL my secrets at once!


Ruby said...

Very nice list, we have quite a bit in common, cept I DO so love a good cup of tea or coffee, and coconut is yummy to me, but past that .....oh and I am short LOL , and hate it .

Jeanne said...

Fabulous list!
Big hugs and many blessings to you
Love Jeanne

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Anastasia said...

this is great!!
we have lots of things in common except u are supertall!

Jeanne said...

Hello my sweet friend.
Miss hearing from you.
I hope all is well.
Love Jeanne

Mippie said...

Oh -- your blog is beautiful! Eye candy galore! And I love your 50 things about you -- without being tagged to do it! Thank you for visiting my blog-your comments absolutely made my day. I think we have quite a bit in common and wished we lived closer so we could have a collage "play date". You know with the collages -- jump right in, the water is not only fine -- it's clear! Talk to you soon -- and as soon as I figure out how to add the "link" section on my page I'd love to add you!


(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Great list & thanks for stopping by!!

Megan said...

I enjoyed that list. If you give me some of your tallness, I will swap for some of my cooking ability.

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by (4:53 am)..Come back soon!
Loved reading your fifty things.

Unknown said...

Hi, I wandered over from Norththreads - I love your blog, it's very pretty, and I love that :)
My daughter is 14 and nearly 6 feet tall - she has the same problem with shoes...

Vintage Wine said...

Hi! Like your blog :-) We seem to have the same taste for the shabby chic style together with the cottage feeling...

Tracy said...

Hi, I found your lovely blog through Flossy's. Looking forward to exploring your blog. :)

eriry said...

i m a italian woman , i like your photo and your blog , i have a blog eriry.
i m sorry for my bad english
i love the photo composition of flick.r

Anonymous said...

Hello you gorgeous lady, that is one fabulous pic and what legs, Love from Jude ~ dark haired ~ 5ft ~ lives where it snows in winter ~ (its too cold) also married to a most sweet handsome gentleman and I love roses too ~ I could go on. Just wanted to say hi!

molly jean said...

Great list.
My kind of person!
sounds a lot like me 20 years ago but I like camping, tea and coffee, and I'm not tall. (didn't like coffee then)

Anonymous said...

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