Friday, August 24, 2007

By the sea.....Here is my newest bits and pieces collage!! They are so much fun!! And below is an image from a book of vintage posters my mom gave me.
And these last two fabulous prints my mom bought from Moonlight and Roses. They are mounted on boards and have sparkle added to them!! They look even more magical in person!

It's been so long since I have been able to visit the seaside, but at least I can enjoy all my lovely seaside themed decor and sea souveniers- seashells, sea glass, and sea pottery! Have any of you collected sea pottery? In Fort Bragg, California there is a wonderful place called Glass Beach and old broken pieces of pottery regularly wash up on the shore. Isn't that cool? It is so fun to sit on the beach for hours searching for it! What is your favorite thing to do or place to go when you visit the sea?



Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Michelle! Your collage is so gorgeous!! I love it. Those images are so so sweet...can't wait to see your lovley art with them.

Heather :)

Amy said...

I love to collect beach glass. My Dad used to live on Lake Erie and we would walk out his front door and search every time we visited. He sold that house to buy one in southern Florida right on the gulf. So now he can walk right out his front door and search the ocean beach. We can't visit as easily though. His lake house was 45 minutes away; his ocean house is 26 hours away!!!
I love your art and posters.

Lori said...

Hi!!! I am SO glad you came to visit me, thank you for your sweet comment. I just love the bits and pieces collages you have been working on, they are just wonderful. I am adding you immediately to my lovely friends list and I will be back to visit often!!! I love Moonlight and Roses too, they have the most beautiful images.

Betty said...

I'm just envying the girl with her feet in the water. I love to wade on the beach and look for shells. I've never been lucky enough to find sea glass. I'm going to check out that place next time I go to the coast.

Karin said...

Love it! I keep wanting to go back and do another one too. Those were so much fun to do!

Karin @ creativechaos

Sandra L. said...

I have some sea glass earrings. I haven't actually ever found any on the beach.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Yours is very nice--love your collage work! Maybe we can do a trade sometime...

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Michelle! Nice to meet you and thanks for peeking into my little blog world! You did a fantastic job on the collage! I see that you love old art with children on it like I do. Such precious pictures that you shared! I have a little pillow that I bought on ebay with the blonde girl standing at the ocean's edge. I am adding you to my list of fav's! I'll be Arnold says. :) Becky

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Me again...well, duh! I am a in need of a cup of coffee...I already have you on my list and love your Flickr photos, too. Anyways, hello again! B.

Cathy said...


Thank you for the kinds words you left on my blog. I am so very happy I found your blog too! I'll be reading it regularly. The colors are perfect.

Cathy said...

Michelle, I am adding your blog to my Blog links. Would you do he same for me? I'd love it, thank you.

Cathy, Treasured Heirlooms

Sheryl said...

First time to your blog & what a beautiful collection of collage! I have been collaging for only a short time & love looking at what others do with their treasure! Can't wait to see more!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Hi Michelle,

The sea sounds so wonderful right now! Wish I were there. Love your collage. It's beautiful.

Have a wonderful day,

Heidi said...

I think I already commented on your "by the sea" collage at Flickr, but it's absolutely magical! I love it to bits! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

your collage is so lovely what a beautiful theme for a bits and pice collage!!!
I love the pages of this book!

Cathy said...

Michelle It's always a pleasure to stop by and have your pretty blog jump onto the screen. It puts a smile on my face. I love it.

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello, Michelle,
I have to tell you thank you for vissting my blog. It was no accident
that you found me! I clicked on your
blog and wow! What kindred spirts we are! I love love love the ocean. This
summer I packed up my kids and stayed
a whole month at Fort Bragg. Can you believe it? Everyday we go to the beach and at least 3 times to Glass Beach. My favorite but not so kid friendly to play in. We all looked for my favorite color pale green and any interesting objects.
I have a big apothecary jar I have
been collecting for my new bathroom
which is in the process of renovation. Guess what is on my wallpaper? Seashells! I love the sea and have been visiting since I was a child. Kindred spirts indeed.
I love your blog and am looking forward to coming back and visiting
and sharing with you. I am so excited Pinkie Denise

Cape Cod Washashore said...

I LOVE that collage! I am very partial to seaside inspired crafts! =)

lindaharre said...

Don't you just love these prints from the 1940's (I think)! My mom was a graphic artist and worked in this style in her younger years. It really touches something deep inside of me:D