Monday, February 11, 2008

Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.

A new collage I made with this great quote that I love. And just a few of the sweet goodies my sweet Mama sent for Valentines Day! She also sent glitter and delicious chocolates and more crafty goodies, too! I'm so spoiled! Isn't the little saucer so pretty and I love the curly bird and aren't the feathers just the sweetest shades of blue and pink??
And to help put a song in your heart today, a free image from my personal collection to use in your artwork!
And do you know about The Graphics Fairy? She shares a new free image to use in your artwork every day on her blog!


Natasha Burns said...

Thanks for the image Michelle! So cute!
Love your Valentines gifties, I have that same little plate (I have a matching cup and saucer too) and it is my absolute favourite!
Cute collage too and I really like the quote!
Thanks for entering my giveaway, good luck!

Lori said...

your mama is something else!!! she buys you the best, most delicious things:) love the bird and the feathers, so cute...and your collage is very sweet and i would say those are words to live by!!! GREAT quote!!!

Cindy said...

Love the collage and awesome quote, I can so identify with that right now. And that fearher bird...I have one too! Isn't she sweet? I wish I had bought more.

Anonymous said...

Oh Fun! Thanks for the image. I love vintage kid pics. So fun to do things with!

love.boxes said...

I just adore that quote! So wise. :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I am loooving this collage!! So so so so sweet!! Your work makes me SO SO happy!! Truly!! Some of the sweetest collages ever!!

And ohh I adore your pom pom trim!! Sweet as can be!! curly bird too!!

xoxo Jenny

Simply Me Art said...

Simply Beautiful Blog. Nice to meet you, cant wait to stop in again, Jamie

Anonymous said...

Awww, your mom sounds so sweet!!
I love your new collage!! That's such a wonderful quote. Have a great Valentine's Day Michelle!!:)

*Hugs* Dara

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, love your Valentines gifts, the little birdie is so cute! And you have a sweet Mom! Just popped by to say Happy Valentines Day, we hope you have a lovely day! Jenn and Jacqui

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day!


Jill xo

Unknown said...

I love that collage! Do you sell your items! Your mama is a sweetie! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that curly pink bird!!!!!!


Lee Weber said...

love the litle girl, esp. her shoes! Sounds like your mom knows you well. My mom got an organizer for all of my crafty items!

Little Blue Violet said...

I really like this banner, it's style, color and saying. I LOVE the graphics fairy too! You have such a pretty blog. Thanks for sharing.