Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sitting pretty....
I used the last bit of my birthday money on this pretty half doll I found on Ebay! Isn't she gorgeous?! I think I may be starting a new collection. (as if I don't have enough collections already!) She looks right at home sitting in my favorite teacup!

My dear parents have come for a visit. They are enjoying seeing sweet baby Dylan whom they have not seen since he was a tiny newborn! I can hardly believe he is 6 months old already! My sweet mama brought me some wonderful birthday presents. She made me this beautiful organizer with pockets made from the prettiest fabrics!

She also gave my some vintage rhinestone pieces,
this sweet vintage pillowcase with bluebirds that belonged to her grandmother,
some more little goodies including this lovely vintage button card,
a vintage pillow cover in a wonderful ticking rose print that belonged to her mother

and a sweet little purse with some spending money tucked inside!
We even did some antique shopping last weekend and I brought my camera, but I was having to much fun to stop and take photos of the pretty booths.  We will definitely do some more antiquing while she is here, so maybe next time I will get some photos to share with you.
Michelle xoxo


Lori said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new doll Michelle...she is just stunning...the presents from your mama are so pretty too, the organizer she made is so lovely!!!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Ohhhh I love love the organizer ~ it is beautiful !

Connie said...

What a sweetie pie #3 is, sugar! Of course, that little organizer stole my heart away. I'll have to make one for myself or a giveaway. Just adorable for stashing away little things.

Pauline said...

Hi there. Lovely blog you have here. Lovely babies you have too :o) Pretty gifts. I have a pot just like the one in the photo :o)
Wish I could find the sugar bowl and creamer :o)

June said...

Ah Michelle, Dylan is a little heartbreaker. SO beautiful! Enjoy your mama's visit and I'm sure that she is thrilled to be there with all her sweet g-children. She brought you such pretty things.
I really love your new banner!

Bottega Veneta said...


Terri Gordon said...

What a beautiful doll, I love your photo, it is so pretty. Your boys are so cute. I really enjoyed reading your beautiful blog.

Libbie said...

This sure makes me want to go to an antique store right now! I hope you use that sweet rhinestone comb in your hair sometime! i love the girliness of you while raising 3 boys! Loved seeing your kids!

mendytexas said...

Hi Michelle! Love your darling doll! What a find! Love reading what's going on! :)mendy said...

What a wonderful mamma. Special gifts. Your little doll sitting in the cup is so cool.