Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello and happy new year, bloggy friends! What do you mean, who am I? It's only been 6 months! haha! I've missed blogging, but babies take so much time. Like...all of it. I'm lucky to get my shower and the dishes and laundry done, let alone decorate, craft, and photograph it all. Our family had a lovely Christmas and my sweet boys gave me some really adorable red and white polka dot things!
I have manged to do a bit of Valentine decorating, but it's so overcast lately that it's hard to take good photos. I do have a couple of cute things to show you.  I found these adorable valentine mine clothespins at Target.
A couple of pretty vintage hankies, a gift from my sweet friend Paula.
A favorite vintage candy box and vintage valentine.
Gorgeous striped straws and flowers found at Michaels.
And last, a couple of dapper gentlemen I dressed up for Valentine's day. 
I adore vintage mustache man photos so much. I need to find more!
Hopefully we will get some sun soon so I can show you more of my Valentine's day decor. Linking up with http://www.thoughtsfromalice.com/ today!
Michelle xoxo


Lori said...

So cute Michelle!!!! Lori

Anonymous said...

I adore vintage mustache men, too! I'm married to one! ;)

I just love your dotty dishes! ♥

Sandi said...

Love your decor! Now I want to look for vintage moustache men. Lol

Unknown said...

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