Monday, December 03, 2012

  Homespun Advent Calendar
I'm still not done with my Christmas decorating, but I did finish a fun little project for my boys. Inspired by Pinterest, I decided to make them a homemade Advent calendar.  I stayed up almost all night working on it so I could surprise them today.  I listened to vintage Christmas music while I was creating which made it even more fun!
I love the papers I used from October Afternoon's "Make It Merry" collection! 
Cute vintage images and such happy colors! 
 I started with plain white treat bags from Hobby Lobby and just added the cute papers and sparkly stars and tinsel.
I think I still may add some buttons and rick rack, but I love how it turned out!  I found the adorable teeny tiny red and white clothespins at Hobby Lobby, also.
Then I just strung them on some pink and white string from Michaels.   I think I found it in the knitting yarn section.  I love it because it looks just like bakers twine but it's even cheaper.
I put in a little sweet treats and a Christmas joke in for each day.  I'm hoping to get my Christmas decorating done soon so I can share it with you!
Michelle xoxo


silly old suitcase said...

This is looking great!
Do you want to join my Advent Calendar contest...would be great!


Paula said...

Hello sweet Michelle! I love your gorgeous blog header! Those vintage ornaments are amazing sweetie! You did a beautiful job with the advent calendar! I know your boys loved it! What a sweet momma you are to stay up all night working on it for them. I can imagine their excitement. It is so adorable! I look forward to seeing your Christmas decorating! You always inspire me. Lots of love, Paula xo

Jessica Rodarte said...

I love your advent calendar. I already left a comment on Flickr, but it was worth repeating! I wish I had thought to play Christmas music while I made mine. :)

Terri said...

Gosh, this is so amazing! I love the colors and theme. I never thought of an advent calendar this way...fab idea! Pinterest is sooooo coooool!

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle, your Advent Calendar is so pretty and jolly...a sweet reminder! Next year I MUST do some advent calendars!!! I've never made any before but you have inspirated me to have a go next year!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your dear family & loved ones.
Happy New Year for the coming 2013!!!
Warm regards Robbie B

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