Thursday, December 06, 2012

Pastel Christmas Hutch
I have finally finished decorating my hutch for Christmas.  Sometimes I have red and green in the kitchen and pastels in the living room, but I'm just going with the pastels this year.  
 I'm just loving all the glitter and pastels!   They just make me feel happy!
 I really like all of my goodies, but I'd like to find more vintage goodies to mix in with all my newer things.  It is a lot harder to find vintage pastel Christmas than the traditional reds, though.
 I got these houses at Hobby Lobby a few years ago. I painted and glittered them up and gave them colored rhinestone doorknobs.  I would love to live in this cute little Christmas village!
 See that pretty silver tinsel garland at the top?  It is wonderful. Not sure if you can tell in this photos, but it looks old because it has a tarnished look. Parts of it look like it is turning darker or kind of golden.  I got that from Target for the last two years and they have it again this year if any of you want to get some for yourself.
 And can you see that adorable green and white stripe bowl on the bottom shelf?  It looks fabulous with my vintage jadite! I found it at Cost Plus World Market.  It is so cute and plastic so I don't have to worry about it breaking in a house full of boys.  Well, who am I kidding... I'm often the one who breaks things around here!
The two larger houses on the top shelf are from Target also.  I must admit I was so exited when I saw them I ran to them and let out a  gasp. 
 The lady next to me started to laugh and as she walked away I heard her say to her little boy, "I guess she found something she really likes!"  I tend to embarrass myself sometimes with my untethered excitement while shopping. 
 I think I need to go get some more trees to bleach and glitter.  You just can't have too many little trees!  I may even try dying some pink this time.

Thank for visiting with me today, sweet friends.  Now I'm off to clean up and vacuum so I can get my tree up! 


Paula said...

Hi sweet Michelle! I love your pastel Christmas decorating! I know just what you mean, those colors make you happy and cheerful! I love the little houses and would love to live in a house like that too! The bowl is wonderful and such a great find! Dearest, you and I are two peas in a pod. I get very excited too, when I find a goodie and I can't hide my joy. I am sure people think I am so goofy. My hubby and son, get tickled at me. I hope I don't embarrass them! :D Thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspiring Christmas sweetness! You are the queen of gorgeous vignettes, and you are gorgeous too! I look forward to seeing your tree. My sweet hubby is taking me to get a little pink tree at Hobby Lobby today. I hope they still have some! Love you dear friend! Paula xo

Unknown said...

Beautiful pastels christmas-LOVE!!! Vicky said...

Thanks for the Target tip! That is nice garland, goes well with your sweet houses.

Terri said...

Hello Michelle,
What a gorgeous blog you have!
I am loving your pastel Christmas hutch. It is just pure Christmas goodness! I too have colors that just make me you. A certain blue does it for me....and then a particular red and cream.
Happy Holidays!

June said...

Your hutch looks beautiful all decked out for Christmas sweet Michelle! I would live in that little community for sure!
hugs from here...

farmhouse-story said...

you are off to a pretty start,michelle:) love the pastel village!

Laura said...

I love your dreamy little putz houses they are sweet!

Julie said...

Such a pretty pastel Christmas! I especially like all the little houses. They're so very quaint.

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Michelle,
What a sweet village. I hope you share more of you decorations, I would love to see what else you are up to.
enJOY a very Merry,

Priscila Junqueira Ponto Cruz said...

Your blog is so sweet Nice to have met your blog!!!

Hugs from Brazil,


Corey said...

Oh Michelle, it's just fabulous!!! I love all those pastels! I know what you mean about pastel vs. the traditional red/green. Almost everything I've got (vintage) is red and green, and I'd love to have a more pastel theme. They don't seem to mix very well. This year I did my fireplace mantle with pastels, and the other areas in red/green...

I hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful season! :)

Lori said...

Adorable Michelle! Had to laugh I bough one of those Target houses this year and was excited to see them again there. However, brilliant me decided to put it under the tre with the other glitter house, houses mind you that have bulbs with cords in the back! So..the Target one is battery operated and have to crawl under the tree to turn it on. Needless to say next year I'm cutting a round hole in back and adding a regular bulb. But hey they are cute and perfect for a shelf. P.S Love the bowls ans yes I am the family breaker too! Lori

Unknown said...

Hello Michelle, well all I can say is DELIGHTFUL! How pretty your Christmas decorations are...your home looks so festive and beautiful, I love it! Robbie B

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

So very pretty!!


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Lostvestige said...

Such a cute display! I love those little houses

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